Last Disciple

last.disciple is a turning point crossing over near religious aspects into the righteous blends of fashion streetwear at a different time for the futuristic world to show support of historical and biblical moments within the art realms of the past creatively making a clothing brand as great as destiny. Setting the priority of fashion sense into the light and appreciating the clothing and jewelry for the cost of timeless and endless possibilities from roaming around the world with this brand to finding yourself with a daily reminder of art, religion / spirituality and fashion simultaneously giving out a positive fashion statement. It would be interesting to see these clothing pieces within the churches across the globe and even get noticed by the likes of higher religious figures.. that being said, the proper cutting and sowing are very pristine and well put together. The colors are vibrant yet toned to a certain pastel choosing from within the their art of David & Goliath Jacket, Jesus Christ T-Shirts and more along the selection of pants and even shoes. Last Disciple has also been a part of collaboration with other brand such as 3:11 and has Young Thugs has been seen wearing this brand. A righteous piece of fashion history is setting high standards and even mixes originality and vibrant styles to come up with a different yet ideally great and worthy brand to be wearing in calm fashion.. of course being able to be uprooting the message has to be the greatest legitimate way to spread the word of positive, faith and other messages that are good for humankind, souls and these are greatly appreciated energies the fashion world needs.

I ❤️ JESUS – Tee
Last Disciple Staple T-Shirt (3:11)