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3 – 6 Killa Shot

This is an intriguing yet a very solid way to perceive legendary music and the one of the greatest way to pay proper homage and even tribute to Underground Music. Memphis Rap has found it’s way across the globe and with 3-6 Killa Shot creating the most incredible mixes and has to be one of the greatest way to introduce anyone into this style of music mainly focusing Memphis Underground and the likewise musicians and even producers influenced by this genre. The cassette tapes they have showcased are incredible quality and look flawless to nearly make the cassettes look literary like art that belong in a museum as well. They look like they took time and effort on these cassette tapes and regardless if they are for sale or not this has been very appealing to the eyes and should be a collectors choice to consider the perfect way to listen to this kind of music that will live forever for future generations of musicians and listeners of all types.


This label has been releasing cassette tapes from legendary and underground artists such as SpaceGhostPurrp, Graveyard Productions and Womack Da Omen along with the esteemed producers within the ever growing genre Phonk such as DJ Sacred, DJ Bishop and Apoc Krysis. The wide range of selection on BandCamp can be exclusively released with a limited amount of tapes being produced straight from the Midwest specifically Chicago, IL. The vast amount of music being reissued and released with a impeccable quality of sound and design of each cassette duplicated is definitely letting a long lasting experience and continuing the legacy and positive impact from musicians across the world furthering a properly and positive influence on collectors, artists of all sorts. The highest level of admiration through music covering quality and rare amounts of tapes being sold out makes it more often a treasured piece of history and nearly impossible to turn away from various cassette tapes. TapeHouseUSA has been dropping iconic albums from the most influential artists within the Underground and Memphis Rap scene. The praise has been made with a aspect of recognition while still maintaining the sorts of nostalgia realm of the 1990’s and keeping the tapehead community on a upscale. Meanwhile, it’s keeping the physical form of musical projects above and beyond the liveliness of our current times and even future generations of artists and labels.

Memphis Rap

I’ve been listening to Memphis underground rap mainly Three 6 Mafia and many of the rapper affiliation to the group including the solo projects and volumes along with artist like Frayser Boy and T-Rock and dug far enough to stumble across some great work from Da Graveyard Productions, Tommy Wright III of course as well as Gangsta Pat. I been massively into Hypnotize Minds and Prophet Entertainment for the most part and been starting a collection based slightly off that to begin with. Great artist to mention are also Evil Pimp, Krucifix Klan and The Kaze formally known as Killa Klan Kaze as these musicians have well orchestrated flows, lyrism and choices of sounds to make the instrumental and fulfill the signature sound of Memphis Rap.. in some cases it may be considerably horrorcore with the usually topic of description being horror film samples such as Childs Play, Halloween & Friday The 13th typically of discussion the samples reach outwards and sample Pumpkinhead II: Blood Wings, and Sleepstalker. The extensive amount of great horror films that are sampled have introduced me to films and has been within my plans to research each composers of the films knowing it will be playing a part in my own everyday music productions to someday look into synthesizers and sounds.. I’ve have undoubtably heard great music that sampled Memphis rap with a sort of birth of Phonk as a subgenre amongst those forms of musical equipment and nowadays software and drums, samples that may branch into a more deeper legacy someday furthering it’s spot as pioneering a sound with acts such as DJ Zirk, DJ Sound & DJ Squeeky. ..Solidifying as legendary around the subject that brought the cassette tape in the picture can be depicted as the normality of the cassette tape for these types of genres have been being reissued and reprinted nearly as evenly as vinyl records.. DJ Screw is a example of how musicians made a impact among how they got the cassette tape and nearly created an entire scene withing the underground of it’s own by the case it being the individual’s work and how they release and get the best intentional sound, undoubting the trend of the 1990’s, nostalgia and the type of frequencies on a audiophile scale, as some YouTube cassette rips are not as clean audio-wise.. it may also be depending on what speakers you listen to off of as well..

Cassette Tapes
Juicy J – Notorious Mixtape Vol. 5
Homicide – 187 Part II
DJ Paul – Vol 12 Part 2

I often times ask myself how I ended up sticking to Memphis underground rap with rap labels Hypnotize Minds and Prophet Entertainment as my main music I usually listen to mainly nearly daily. I grew up having a slight obsession with cassette tapes and the culture it has grown to become nowadays with DJ Screw selling 15,000 chopped and screwed tapes at car shows and truthfully inspired endless amounts of rappers. I seen cassette tapes reselling for up to $400 from Three 6 Mafia and affiliates and evenly seen DJ Screw Tapes going for $200 which I find interesting and amazes me as a collector of tapes. I own the “paper labels” cassette tapes of various early Three 6 Mafia projects when they started off early sometime in 1993 as 666 Mafia where I made purchases straight from Memphis, Tennessee.. (s/o Frayser Click), these are often times identified with white paper labels and metal screws to hold the actual cassette together released on their own.. I’ve heard about duplicates that where thought to be often times rather in possession or presumably even sold or owned by fellow Memphis artist such as Tommy Wright III.. these tapes are also hard to find or nearly impossible to even get them. I seen decently wack looking bootlegs sold by a lowkey type cassette labels.. but, anyways I eventually started to grow slight interest in early old school Three 6 Mafia projects on CD. I am considerably a collector and a big fan of nostalgia and cassette tapes.

The Memphis Rap scene is sometimes thought to be tied with occult, cult and basically other forms of realms that the brain just can’t seemingly understand or the process or is impossible to be thought of. In the 1990’s Memphis was probably around the top 5 Murder capitals and said to contain dark energy and other sorts of ritualistic behavior. With a clear and well balance mindset you can hear this music with no problems or paranoia but with certain original copies of I think it was Ten Wanted Men, Lil Ramsey and some other specifics albums of rap groups. I done reasonable research learning Memphis was named after Memphis, Egypt. There is also a type of myth or it’s said that the Memphis pyramid which is nowadays a Bass Pro or fishing shop was cursed as it was being built and a crystal skull had been seen and found at this location also cursed.

It’s really just really great music and makes sense coming out of Tennessee where music overall is found at that spot with notable genres such as Country Music and newer artist in modern times in the industry like Pooh Shiesty and Young Dolph usually born or lived out in that location.. Moneybagg Yo, Blac Youngsta, Duke Duce and even NLE Chopper are either from, born and/or raised in Memphis, Tennessee.

My tapes are safely stored away and in clear poly cases avoiding humidity and direct sunlight. Also got vinyl records which I’d like to cover or write about somewhere along the future.

I’m going to try and get some more audio rips off my collection along with better photos. This was going to be another Reddit post originally and website post as well..