Memphis Rap

Lil Jule

Appreciated by the underground and his production arrangements Lil Jule has been a Memphis Rapper for a long period of time. Recently pressing his very own music on cassette tape, he is nearly a rare and often underrated artist from Memphis, Tennessee. His tape Ashes To Ashes & Dust To Dust is acknowledged as one of the first of many tapes dating back into 1994 to be produced and have legendary pioneers of the Memphis Underground Rap such as Lil Fly & DJ Paul. A heavily masterful sound within the underground that has been influential to the world since the 1990’s.

Record Label: BeanBoyz Ent. 

Established 2007 

The Conkrete Legend Series [Fixed Audio*]

DJ Mouzx66

This producer has made a statement within Underground Rap, Phonk and the Memphis sound.. as he created uniquely well put together beats and instrumentals. He has gone onto reproduce some classic gems and has an seems to have an entire sound that differentiates from various other producers. The drums sounds magnificent along with the choice of samples.. mainly ongoing with Memphis classics and is releasing Volume 2 “Tapeburg Mix” an entire 48 minutes of his work set to release July, 8th. The music and talent really speaks for itself make sure you check out his music and stay tuned for his new release soon!

Seed Of 6ix

The legitimate legacy and everlasting pioneering of Memphis Rap music has been gradually increasing everyday with producers of Phonk and similar styles of underground hip hop with a different tone to lyricism as often called Horrorcore. The music has become more often praised since the unforgettable rise of Three 6 Mafia and often times the styles that can’t be repeated or duplicated in hip hop never go unnoticed. Seed Of 6ix has to be the first greatest duo to be considered the best to emit into the music industry with this influence and styles of Memphis rap. 

The passing of the torch or 2.0 version and even reincarnation of Lord Infamous & DJ Paul is well known as Lil Infamous and Locodunit and still can be heard of a modern day version with the music being noticeably original and have their very own abilities and lyrical formats of the raps they come up with with each song and album including mixtapes. They have a new EP set to be released soon with expectations from DJ Paul, Yelawolf and Lil Wyte. They often times do their versions of songs from Three 6 Mafia with resamples along with their own lyrical atmosphere they bring to music. 

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