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Interview with John R. Dilworth creator of Courage The Cowardly Dog

John Dilworth has made various short films since the 1990’s with an emphasis on nostalgia in modern times.. I will be interviewing the creator of the TV Show Courage The Cowardly Dog and ask him some questions that can help upcoming artists and animators. He has released short films on Stretch Films with art styles and unique animations among dialogue where it can be noticed as a great balance of overall great films that seems it can challenge and inspire many cartoons in the future of animations. These animations seem to get better with time as they can be still introduced to a younger and evenly the older generations as one of Cartoon Network’s And Boomerang’s Top-Rated Show with a variety of awards and nominations for Best Of Show & Best Animation. Voicing creative characters through-out many of his works really made the cartoons stand out with a lot of these combining originality and entertainment for characters within his production, directing and co-writing that will be remembered through ages. Creativity among the plots of his TV shows and films can be widespread from a hilarious sense that can take simplicity and stretch it to a sophisticated rollercoaster of emotions to have you in great deal of physiological moments that defined a legacy of episodes and short films from John Dilworth and Stretch Films.

“Life In Transition” Copyright John R. Dilworth 2005

What inspired your style of animations among the cartoons?

When I was a young pup I was overwhelmed by the aesthetic variety coming out of post-war Communist occupied countries like Estonia, Poland, and Russia. These artists were expressing deeply personal themes in techniques I hadn’t expected to see in animation. I was gleaned on the Golden Age of American Cartoons, all highly produced slick stuff.

What advice would you give upcoming artists such as myself?

Nothing. You already know what you should know and if you don’t yet, you will. Also, general advise gets general answers. You are unique. The questions/answers will come as you come through.

Can you give the audience some news on any new project from Stretch Films?

Yes, I am currently fundraising my new short indy film, “Howl if You Love Me”. I’ve been posting process videos for free so that anyone interested in the production of indy animation may find some knowledge by real world demonstrations. film was inspired by real experiences, the ultimate love story of horror and illusion. The projects I am hoping will materialize before I die, is the prequel to Courage the Cowardly Dog titled “Before Courage” I developed for Cn. And a movie of the same title we were in legal on before jobs began to be lost at Cn due to the purchase of WB. All my development/executive team vanished in 2020. Who knows what will happen in 2021.

What inspired characters such as King Ramses, Katz & Freaky Fred?

Ramses was inspired by my travels in Egypt and discovering the rich cultural and mythological history of this magical place. Katz appeared as a studio villain based on my cat, Fergurina from “The Dirdy Birdy” and my love of James Mason’s voice! FF was a thing of alchemical reactions between me and my head writer David Steven Cohen. I wanted to honor Dr. Seuss, who is a huge inspiration to me, and I asked David if he wrote rhyme When he responded that he wrote on a Dr. Suess TV series we set to work on this creepy haircutter.

What animators have inspired you as an artist and writer?

Golden Age animators Tex Avery and Robert Clampett, the Indy John Hubley, Michael Sporn… Europeans, Richard Williams, Richard Condie, Bruno Bozzetto, Yuri Norstein, The Japanese master Hayao Miyazaki among so man others.

How did you create Stretch Films?

I went to my lawyers. “Stretch” was my playground nickname.

What type of drawing and sketching supplies would you recommend for creating cartoons?

I recommend anything that when in your hand elicits a certain zeal to create.

What was going through your mind as Courage The Cowardly Dog was first being shown on Cartoon Network?

Destiny. However the years prior to production were some of my most miserable. “The Chicken From Outer Space” conceived as my next indy short after the completion of “The Dirdy Birdy” was sold to Hanna-Barbera for funding. After the short was nominated for an Oscar, H-B wanted me to shutter Stretch and relocate to their LA studio to produce the series. I couldn’t do it. I declined. I also knew Ted Turner was eyeballing H-B. He wanted an animation network. I gambled and waited for Cartoon Network to emerge. I re-pitched Courage to Linda Simensky and Mike Lazzo and the rest, as they say in Hollywood, is showbiz!

“The Dirdy Birdy” Copyright John R. Dilworth 1994, 2021
“The Return of Sergeant Pecker” Copyright John R. Dilworth 2006

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