The City On The Hill

5 Parts of the series #FREEYAYO Intended to be heard as a cassette tape + this series will likely be within video game, includes artwork, and contains audio wav files from this series projects or any other formats.. the amount of effort and energy, time and money pays as a attribute to the sound sake within preserving creativity and originality for the futures of generation to withstand and draw a equally thoughtful way of either expressing or / like getting your name out in the art of graffiti mindfulness and other artistic but hypersensitive ways to cope with the masses in order to make more sense of it all.. _ deductible quality enhances the stylistic ways of my over excessive wordplay and breathtakingly exaggerated flows, yet another album of my craftsmanship is setting my delusion into timeless at certain tolerable poetry or not..for various reason even if the reason to begin or original purpose has been diluted from oversaturating or undermining results in any manner that can be personal to being completely complex for truthfulness.

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