Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*


Murder Dog Magazine

An Archive Magazine filled with interviews with notable musicians such as Outkast and Three 6 Mafia all early onto the careers of each rapper with historical articles and even clips of moments in hip hop that has influenced and calibrate the format of music updates, articles and news throughout the music industry that paved its way into the destination of every MC and rapper onto a magazine style that was based on Hip-Hop & Southern Rap amongst more within Murder Dog Magazine. Pioneering and being the first to show new artists in the entire 70 issues released within 1993-2013 this magazine has found and surfaced many photographs and collections of interviews of heavyweight rappers and notorious MC groups from Nas and Lil Wayne to 8Ball & MJG, G-Unit, as well as Bone Thugs & Harmony.. from time to time the universal language had a chance to engage with legendary artists like Mac Dre and Soulja Slim to inhabit those righteous articles and interviews for the areas that are greatly affected for a influence throughout a lifetime. 

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