Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*


The Human Tornado

This wrestler has appeared within the Nickelodeon movie Nacho Libre starring Jack Black as El Snowflake better known in the ring as Human Tornado and has collided with various wrestlers like El Generico, Jack Evans, & Scorpio Sky performing greatly in the independent scene such as his work within Ring Of Honor, Pro Wrestling Guerrilla, & Combat Zone Wrestling. He can be recognized on MTV’s Wrestling Society X

The Extreme Collector

Memorabilia has been reaching a higher end type of appreciation just like a masterpiece within the clothing industry much like the brand of Extreme Championship Wrestling, each items has been held since the start towards it’s prime down to the pinnacles and as far as taking care of a part of history and the official merchandise of ECW along the alumni of this specific wrestling company.. the future and legacy still maintains a no holds bar yet over the top level of recognition. The Impression of Eastern Championship Wrestling at the beginning had a widespread dominance developing it’s own cultural following under wrestling and growing attention further along the lines of various styles of wrestling from all around the world. The promos that would be notorious for each wrestler may be what shaped the performers skills throughout their career as they all where descending from Extreme Championship Wrestling bringing the in-ring forefront of the the industry on to the stage and on the microphone for viewers to be in an all time high experience.. without a doubt, the technicality of each wrestler and innovativeness holds up to this day within each talent. The stronger fan-base of this company can be still the focal point in it’s outlasting talked about moments in wrestling history while introducing a different type of audience to new wrestlers from Mexico to Japan that began to embark and establishing their attributes and abilities.

The Extreme Collector

The vintage shirts has held the test of time dating back to the early 90’s making this a nostalgic factor within the world of wrestling. The pieces have been similar to it’s own memoir to each period of wrestlings moment within ECW.. having the necessity to being within a Extreme Championship Wrestling show or ordering merchandise off the phone or a magazine issuing viewers to purchase and receive through mail.

The prestige condition has been obtained presumably by the typical smoke and pet free zones..

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