LONERXPARTY has consecutively released tapes of his music that has an everlasting feel and drifts of emotions. This artists was willing to touch on topics that can have a meaningful relation towards his own personal life as his impact can reach higher level talents as he sing on drums with a laid back feel yet can have the potential to move a crowd in very confident matter. This music that speaks in various forms of artistic nature and modern subject manners that are hard to tackle while still perfecting a positive vibe. He can have a listener in a trance of feelings as he can explain an emotional detail with a complete song from his very own life. Astounding and very hard hitting drums with the perfect timing among the perfection in his vocals clarify the very meaning between the well crafted art and music mixed with his type of emotion nearly embraced by the lyrics of the artist. Among the detail in sound which can embrace your heart and make you go through life with the positive mindset without turning back on the negativity that pierces one flesh or mentality. His tape titled Green Eyed Angel is a masterpiece that can be played during a tough time in life that give you hope from the moment the tape starts.. not only does he have the success in his music but he has the successful and righteous mind of overcoming the obstacles he has been put through. Nothing stands next to this empowerment of music as it’s been a form of expressing oneself and it’s reminded with the impressions of this talented artist becoming a greater influence in ones life or the sound of music which can be motivational bringing a very well noted artist that has time after time been creatively and carefully been putting his pain and story with each note that he sings with a even outlook of the more hardcore moments within his music. LONERXPARTY has the capability of having his own sound in every song that amplifies the settings and moods of everyday topics that are commonly left within a persons doubt that can often be looked as a very hard subject to speak on.. but this artist does the greatest in speaking on how he has been impacted by pain and the stress among struggles while his voice is therapeutic to the ears and his vocals are paired with the choice of sounds bringing joy that can overpower the sadness and build up frustrations that can lead to anger and other sorts of negative emotions. Be prepared as this can be a roller-coaster of emotions that can help you make it though the day or can bring such an impacted change within your expressions in a artistic and positive form. Make it through the day with his fans and myself included by streaming his recent releases and the ones dating back further that he dedicated to his friends. Thorns EP is a great sequence of feelings as it is a crowd pleasing sound as it will go on to be a great piece of history and live on for eternity to be heard among various age groups and be noted as a grateful masterpiece we shall embrace for hard times and good times in any type of shape of form



A creative force within the current artistry scene with a twist of creativity in experimental sounds included in his choice of instrumentals and voice. Channeling through various styles effecting sub-genres with highly influential works of art may be recognizable and easily memorized with quotable songs. This artist has a poetic flow with lyrics that must be heard..


The ambient dark tone and deep samples that embark the sound as the audio plays each second of every produced instrumental that he has made been etching onto the hearts of his fans with the wild use of drums hinting at some type of originality bringing you a nostalgia feel on top of the goosebumps of each masterpiece he has created.


From familiar samples down to the raw lyrics of this great musician.. this artist is a creative rapper and will be recognized as a great talent with the intro samples that make you change moods in a heartbeat. Up to the flows which stand like the structure towards the feel that can be sometimes sentimental yet bright and full of uplifting joy as if his music is like starring into a gemstone with the power of various types of sorrow aspects building radiance and poetic feel in a major way of a very powerful voice. A speech like flow spilling out makes you wonder how is his greatness and success with every word put together can be crafted so clean..with precision delivering with a very impactful way towards its listeners. The Wolf That Traveled Alone.. & XANAX [2004] (Prod. ECST4SY) are great songs to exemplify the greatness that rapper XiiiDolor can conquer obtaining the ear, heart and imagination of the viewer and nearly captured fans. I highly suggest this collective being a recommendation to any type of event as it can distinguish or diverse a playlist with emotion or a soul snatching mosh-pit like symptoms within the ideal vibes of hardcore and the greatness upon the mixing from jaconons with distortion and near ambient types of sound on these artists vocals. The effects are perfections on top of the very talented singers that set the on-going experience while listening to these artist.


Visual Edit By Schizophrenic God AKA SKAeM
Visual Edit By Schizophrenic God AKA SKAeM