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Billie Jean

The multiplicity of the styles between the tie dye and choice of clothing garments mixes this work with the gemstone to create this perfectly designed clothing under a cut & sewn customized flow while maintaining a masterful balance throughout streetwear and a fashionable area. The standouts of the shirts can be an eyeful that may find the customers aware of the approach of this brand while resuming towards a newer taste of the 70’s styles or modern day takes of the tie dye techniques. The fresh look will have you deemed with a breath of fresh air evenly as the dye based looks and finishes are appreciated with every piece being a designated to create such a masterpiece with every design.

I can assure this interview with the creator and designer of Billie Jean will help you gain further interest into the brand accompanied with some helpful advice along the way.

Q: Can you let anyone that has your attention from BillieJean know how you came up with the styles and approach into your clothing brand?

A: I wanted to give people another option than what was giving. I want to bring style back in fashion. It’s hard to have your own style with all the copy cats and fast fashion. So my approach was to make people individuals again and let them express themselves and their style with their clothing. There were to many uniforms out there lol.

Q: How would describe yourself as a designer?

A: I don’t think I consider myself as a designer. I just make fly shit! My pieces are more like creations then just designs.

Q: Can you let anyone identify the cost of dedication to one’s brand? As such workmanship may include the levels of effort, skill and creativity..

A: I don’t think there has to be strong dedication when creating something to see it come to fruition. As for me, I had learned everything. I’m still learning. So that in itself takes dedication to learn something new and apply it. I also pay attention to intricate details in my pieces. Building a brand is a creation so time and effort has to be put into it-even blood, sweat and tears.

Q: ..can give some advice for someone who’s trying to create a unique look or a clothing brand with higher quality looks and clean finishes?

A: I would say let the inspiration come from inside not out. The uniqueness will come from you because we are all unique. That’s what you makes us special. Whatever you do, make it yours. You cannot be unique if all your inspiration comes from other peoples work. Go off of what you feel.

Q: Do you know what will be the outcome in the future for this clothing brand?

A: I don’t know what the future holds. I guess that depends on if people like the brand lol. Only time will tell…


This clothing brand has been on the rise predominantly selling hoodies, shirts & even keychains and tote bags. Fukk12NewYork nearly speaks for itself with a clear vocal expression on the ongoing police brutality along with it’s nationwide controversies and public outrage that transpired the statement and message. The clothing brand has made shirts that have been seen on Kanye West, ASAP Rocky & Virgil Abloh and they have created successful pop-ups with 1 of 1 merchandise selling out. Fukk12NY and the creator have been doing great things like this for the last few years undoubtedly setting a tone for the future. The awareness and styles that the designs bring will live forever along with brightening up the fashion industry.

Beverly Hills Club

This brand has been releasing clothing with an eye catching look and name that brings higher quality a genius way of getting BHC it’s deserved recognition. Each Capsule can be viewed with the feelings of nostalgia or having a upcoming streetwear impact & even the way vintage shirts has had long lasting impressions. Beverly Hills Club can even make a great souvenir and memorabilia with drops like Rodeo Drive Collection, World Peace Tee and their recent Cherry In Love Capsule 2 these can also make various fashion statements in multiple forms.

See what I mean with their official website and Instagram links attached at the bottom.

Playboy Spade

playboyspade has been perfecting and been mastering the craft of embroidery on accessories such as hats and recently put out a bear very neatly made with a clean look. He creates very well made new era caps with the correct and custom patches and direct embroidery to have a near newer look for pinpoint accuracy of logos such as playboy, dice and at times quotes can be read on the fitted. Support and follow playboyspade on Instagram and DM him for you customs (serious Inquiry).. his stitching/embroidery work is very eye-catching and appeals to modern to future day styles of streetwear and upper class bodies of work within fashion.


sikadelixx has been creating well made t-shirts, hoodies and even ski masks.. what sets this a part from various designers is the mix between nearly nostalgic and aesthetic combinations with a choice of style making it it’s own designs a popular method of bringing in the audience to it’s page. The shirts and hoodies are vivid and can look very entertaining to the eye.. as it catches a narrative on top of the pantone and light color choices. They been celebrating there 3 year anniversary and been doing giveaways on the brands clothing line. People can admire the work they really put out as it can be a must have to some and a great work of art within the designs to others. Bringing joy and nearly a great mind opening experience within the art they bring to the streetwear culture. This brand is spot on with the choice of barrel simplicity to advance designs to the colorful shirts they have among the clothing line. Check out the Instagram and website of this dope clothing brand with the links below!

Advisory Board Crystals

Advisory Board Crystals has released clothing in the past that has been innovative with crystal infused dyes and collaborations with KITH.. this is another brand that is great when it come to making donations. The clothing line has hoodies that all stand out from the rest while giving a similar look in its own brand as this is is a brand I have seen for a period of time. This brand is a positive vibe for a any collector and streetwear/designer closet. High end and still obtainable this brand is leaving a long lasting impression like a gemstone.. speaking of gemstones they have a selection of photography that is breathtaking you can check out there gemstone pieces on Instagram. They are in the right path of designer/streetwear as they are very ahead of it’s time with creativity and providing info on to the exact donations from the auctions. This brand is escalating towards success in bringing resilience worldwide in today’s agenda making it a time to invest your emotion into this brand and legitimize the energy you can bring in everyday situations. Brighten your horizons and check out this clothing brand’s Instagram or check out the work on the UNION LOS ANGELES and SLAM JAM SOCIALIST website. There is also a interview on HYPEBEAST Radio where they speak on how they started this brand along with the limited edition release and at that time they were doing major things and announcing what they have had in store for the distant future such as there remarkable collaborations. They also spoke on the DIY topic which can be a true nature within the brand on it’s own.. very well established coming up and it brings out the maturity and age of streetwear enhancing positivity, righteousness and pure energy into the streetwear and overall fashion culture.

HYPEBEAST Radio Interview


..Creating clothing with a style that combines customization and streetwear nearly showing the roots of an original high end pieces that look carefully created as a custom product. With rare pieces like these that he has been putting his own take on cartoon charcters making every iconic bit more astoundingly capable to wear in any form. This looks like a carefully created clothing brand rather than an average merchandise or basic vintage t-shirts as he has been reworking pieces. You can feel the freedom of this style and it’s immaculate in many preservative with limited pieces and extraordinary amounts of customs in his collection putting this brand in a uproar with a feeling of an very well made and established brand from the start. Libreisfree has a type of emotion of nostalgia and it has been increasing the art of products and the use of this clothing’s creativity reaching higher meanings and combining the likes of ton of childhood memories into this brand that has a been the peak of the style. This brand is  originating and bringing a show in releases into unique a form of fashion. This brand can be a unique style in a expressing similar to skateboarding and making music. The style of this clothing brand is creative force and groundbreaking with it’s limited Pokemon Card inspired approach placing rappers on the cards with stats making it a unique trading card. You can expect joy and freedom with this brand as it escalated into the perfect style with uniqueness. Take a look at this brand’s work at the bottom of this article and don’t forget to check out his Instagram and website as he has been releasing numerous products.


Purgatory isn’t necessary heaven or hell.. It has expanded it’s original theme with this brand in a modern day take on the religious belief. The choice in a fashion sense will particularly keep revolving around the option to menuvour styles and collide with many possibilities of unique designs while creating innovative work of arts with masterpieces. The Trefoil logo shirt and Moswald mock neck are pieces that are worth having in a great collection within a culture of street wear and fashion as great fabrics and designs have been used for this brand. Purchase the clothing and start spending eternity within as the brand has full capability of leaving the everlasting legacy of the brand with continuous style.


Ornaked has been creating unique and wonderful pieces with embroidery and screen printing becoming an interesting and eye catching brand with particular stitched pieces and even apparel made with sand. The visuals seem to bring out a higher and newly defined way of releasing the clothing as they assemble together each piece in a careful manner, bringing you a collection worth investing the time to look for in the near future as it grows with ideally the healthy and righteous way of reaching high impact.

No Diploma

NS MAG grasped as the center of attention and is reaching high standards with No Diploma.. this up and coming brand is fulfilling it’s potential at all cost with astonishing style complimented by the greatness in the photography of the amazing fashion brand. The clothing itself speaks in high volumes with originality as it releases unique clothing by semester with the concept of school in mind. School supplies such as pencil packs and notebooks have even fallen under the brands genius ideas. Go behind the scenes and check out the classmates as well as more content of No Diploma on their Instagram @nodiploma_ and last but not least check out their website where you can make purchases anywhere from their midterm hoodie, midterm crewnecks and even campus caps.