Japheth Machicote has diligently crafted his designs on shirts to create a eye-opening experience. Which shirts such as WAR! along with HELL & BACK creating a rather distinct style and moment within the life of a streetwear and fashion designer to show official clarity of the decisions you make rather the direction you can stylize these with on any occasion. The capacity of ones mind working to understand the difference between a shirt and a message has not been implemented as far within the streetwear fashion industry although this specific clothing brand has a great selection of what you can represent or how you can ideally choose to look. The brands Instagram looks like a museum of great masterpieces.. ideally these shirts can be a thrill when it catches your eyesight. The designs on these shirts are unique and rather straight to the point with the style that it has within the collections.

It also nearly resembles a street art style band t-shirt weather it’s paying homage with a proper nostalgia feel and into a fashion state or a masterpiece of art really getting the idea of merchandise type of clothing and solidifying it as this brand. There’s not a mistake or a missing puzzle piece when it come down to this clothing brand and will likely continually release and set the tone for future designers to expand the mind and industries in a everlasting way of inspiring, influencing and drop clothing and even jewelry that can be informative to the majority of the population.

-I prepared a few questions for this article to get a better understanding and viewpoint of the genius mind behind this brand.

Do you mind mentioning any specific beliefs or your interests in religions as far as inspiration?

Q1: I don’t mind at all! I grew up in a catholic household and have experienced christian and mormon churches as well. Religion has always been in my life and I criticize it in my art a lot. The problems that come along with religion are an inspiration in the way that I feel certain things are needed to be said. My most popular religious piece would probably be “Peace Isn’t Found In Heaven.”

When did you decide to create your brand and what really made you want to get into this style of streetwear?

Q2: I decided in late 2018 that I wanted to start making clothes. I love fashion and art and this is a way to mix the two. I also collect things like the Criterion Collection so these pieces from brands I enjoy are seen as collectors items. I don’t care if they’ll have value, if it’s dope I’ll buy it. It’s all about the enjoyment of art.

Can you maybe explain some of your shirt designs and any message you would like anyone to hear or read about?

Q3: I don’t like explaining any designs I’ve made because I don’t want my explanation to ruin what it means to someone else. Art will mean many different things to different people. Art should be taken how you perceive it.

Would you work on any other type projects alongside with your art such as album art, NFT or even gallery?

Q4: Yes, I’d love to! I’ve designed some song covers before but having my art in a gallery is something I would love to see. I’m not a fan of NFTs.

Who would you like to collaborate with?

Q5: I would love to collaborate with so many people. Some of my top ones would be Unathletic, Unwanted, CrimeCowboy, Isolation, and FTP.