Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill

Singularity: Origins Of Dissociation

Just cascading my delusions within the realm of reality.. letting it seep within the fame, fortune and success.. “manifestations” of greatness must reside in the depths of my heart.. which feels like it hasn’t been really in use as far as marking my passion and impacting myself to better my future.. rather hailed behind the scenes.. remaining where they need me at, for now.. in this case I speak of what I want.. my stance on indie and underground rap shall blemish into stardom.. I been making music.. it’s not music that’s making me.

Sincerely, “your favorite ghostwriter’s ghostwriter” aka SKAeM FKA SKAM aka Schizophrenic God* –
Aka DR.UGHHZ, The Benevolent One..
Nicholas Guadalupe Martinez*

Time Escapade: Stranger Than Fiction
Strawberry Cough
Time Escapade: Stranger Than Fiction (Music Video)


Music for empty rooms

Music for empty rooms has made this playlist for a cross-over technically destined to combine Schizophrenic Television, MK Ultra Radio & SKAeM1.COM overall accompanied by other artists and producers while also encouraging others to make playlists of any sort of musical based on whatever at this point. 

This channel has a grail of records from projects created in various parts of the world. It’s like E-Diggers and every type of musical genius trying to find inspiration without and potential limitations as far as the masterpieces of sounds that create genres.. this has been one of the few overall music channels that has the construction of being able to hear full albums and songs by practically any hidden artist that make up the gems you can hear today. 

MK ULTRA RADIO EPISODE 016 (Music For Empty Rooms)
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