Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill


The atmospheric yet hardcore frequency that can be acquired through choice of drums and a very familiar sound to the samples from Memphis rap and underground hip hop. This producer has been creating masterpieces in sound for a great amount of time. The vast amount of instrumentations and beats can be heard on his SoundCloud, BandCamp & Spotify.. PLVNKTXN187 as a Underground producer from LOHJA, Finland mainly depicting the Phonk sound, dark tones and deepness of the notes of each key as the sample really captures and grasps the inner surrealism of it all.



PLVNKTXN187: Playamade Records was the first group I was got into an I’ve been longest in. Icemane The Kingpin formed the group years ago and we been working on new music as the group since than. MY$TIC MOBB was formed by EVILAESTETHIC & Ryan Celsius and is pretty new group in the game and got lots of great talents in it, def should check out both of those group artist in their music. Temple Drive Records is latest group I got into. It’s mainly focused in dungeon rap genre and also have much talent in such a small group.

SKAeM: What type of equipment has been used while you produce and make beats?

PLVNKTXN187: I’ve been always producing using FL Studio as my Daw and only a few hardwares have been meanwhile. AKAI MPK Mini & Legendary BOSS DR-660 as drum machine.

SKAeM: What underground artist are you into?

PLVNKTXN187: I’ve been always into old Memphis rap from the 90s, DJ Sound has always been number 1 inspiration for the Memphis type rap and since i discovered dungeon rap, DJ Sacred been my biggest motivation in that genre

SKAeM: Who are your favorite producers?

PLVNKTXN187: My favorite producers alltime music be DJ Paul, Blackout, DJ Sound, Tommy Wright III, Shawty Pimp, Mac DLE, DJ Zirk and DJ Fela

SKAeM: How long have you been making music?

PLVNKTXN187: I’ve been making beats now for over 7 years and i got plenty more years to come, shit will never stop! In that 7 years I’ve made 6 full phonk tapes, 3 represses and one dungeon rap tape. New dungeon rap tape is on the works will be out sooner than you think!

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