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The City On The Hill

DJ Paul – Volume 12 Pt.1 

DJ Paul KOM – Volume 12 Part 1 cassette tape rip of a new variant possibly from TNT Audio.. 

..eventually being called out on either bootlegging or owing Juicy J money…

Juicy J – Volume 10 he takes shots at TNT audio with sounds of explosives going off in the background.. 

#DJPaul #Three6Mafia #RareCassette #TNTAudio 

Only thing that has me understanding this is from TNT Audio still assuming from the 90’s.. 

it was listen as TNT Audio and other stuff within the availability.. 

To me personally after years of researching.. 

DJ Paul’s Volume 13 can possibly be Volume 12 Part 2.. also as stated in a later Volume when played in reverse he is allegedly speaking on the topic.. also hearing about copywriter issues  and it being a joint release date on Friday The 13th, w/ samples of the Jason Vorhees series.. but most of this information seems unreliable of sorts.. seems like it can a bit of a reach to understand the complexities of the search for “lost tapes” and “media” but I been willing to do as much to as possible in order to collect all Juicy J & DJ Paul Volumes mainly to have these preserved for future and historic acknowledgment such as archiving for museum, gallery and research purposes..

Regardless of my personal reasons to collect cassette tapes is understandable or not..

I want you all to enjoy this cassette tape by DJ Paul of Three 6 Mafia, by any means.

Reminder this is a different cassette tape from the first rip I did..

DJ Paul – Volume 12 Part 1


#GhettoMix #CassetteTape #Chicago This a dub potentially a bootleg or mix created by a possible familiar face.. not sure, but this is definitely a tape from Chicago. Maybe as time passes we can get some certain info or details at all about the music that’s contained in this cassette tape.. I panned the volume and adjusted it as well, some parts where either damaged due to water so I just cut them off.. could of just been recorder wrong or blank space ect. SKAeM1.COM

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