Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill

The Underground Culture

In Hip-Hop subgenres begin to overcome, outdo, and even outnumber within the mainstream at times causing catastrophic moments as shown in recent lifespans. The culture that began to uproot hundreds upon thousands in questionable remark escalades furthermore doubt and yet still has been challenging the test of time while emitting the rise of the price that has sometimes been only that of an exchange of everything you have to offer in such cases include risking freedom through a surveillance and begin to see recent news reports with situations involving Young Thug & Gunna and evenly the regards of war that stem from lyrics and deaths involving fentanyl or other drug which eventually lead to accidental overdoses due to an ongoing topic that has often been only came to fruition while it is being on front page trending or debatable situations to even be discussed.

While inducing in everyday events you can hear music from classical to indie alternatives within films and commercials that may or may not grab your attention but at some points Hip-Hop has saved lives and has been said to put many in danger but “why would someone ask themselves this question” may have a better response to their studies or worries..

Real To Reel

Horrorcore music often times ties with horror movie samples and nightmarish lyricism with darker styles. The VHS format is great with getting a nostalgic factor and timeless films are nowadays getting remastered into Blue-Ray and other modern day films are being put into VHS Tapes..

DJ Paul selling cassette tapes while he was in high school and for various ages throughout the time of the boom box era and cassette tape days the music has altered and remained at it’s root while bringing awareness and notoriety to each track/song, mix, and beat for namesake like the odds of the everlasting legacy of J Dilla which met it’s rekindled spark at a higher increase of popularity and acknowledgement of impact throughout various frequencies. A topic which states the cassette tapes has a warmth sound and a static in background often contribute from time passing yet this itself gives a unique format.. bringing a near technical flaw to perfection of sound.

The progress the music has came from has strung out into a various subjects and topics like the DJ Drama mixtape raid, conspiracy theories and even the cross-over between Hollywood and other forms of arts from graffiti to street art.

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