Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill

The Second Coming 

If there’s a way to simulate the hope my passion brings to me.. I’d probably be like rappers acting like it’s square one with modern day beats.. or something. My flow prevalence is been within origins of my lifecycle.. I create multiple layers of entente speaking as if it’s in parable. I’ve listen my top 5 MC’s from nowadays but they’re playing the celebrity role.. using rap as a stepping stool to get into acting, clothing and shit like that.. it ties within the music at certain points follows you everywhere.. like a ghost. 


I can’t help but feel deeply rooted into the sorrow this torment brings.. I was rapping with him everyday in between classes, before & after school just battling and cyphering.. getting better at what we both did and continued to do. We definitely left a mark on this game forever.. just showcasing a whole bunch of raps and freestyles. 

The rap industry will feel like uncovering me is the secret covenant. 

To succeed is to overcome all obstacles.. by any means. 

Here’s some more meaningful stuff..

“ -Crack Ya Wishbone, 

And. Hit My Jack: On The Flip Phone. 

..You Like To Laugh: 

…Within That REM Slow:

-I Can Believe I Lost It: But Then Again.

..The Shit Show; Half The Pretend.

I Been Glow: Let The Schizo Attend:

Or Think Twice. Tell – Him Go. 

..Cigarettes I Flick: Picture My Lips

Mixtures Of Nick. I Rip A Part. 

..Over This. I’m Sober.

…Sniff, Cough. Sneeze. I’m Older.

-Remember The Blimp We Saw Over, 

Our Heads. At The Park.

..Mud On The Rocks. 

…My Lips Told Her. A Lot.

Now I Sit. Hoping I Die. 

..Alone In The Eye’s. 

Let The Moment Arise. 

..But Then We Had To Go.

Had To Go. Out Separate Ways. 

 Now It Feels, Like God 

-Spit On My Fucking Face.

I Tried. To Block Out The Odds.

Of Negativity, But The Flower On Pot.

.. Kick It Like This. …It’s Like.

I Ball My.. Vision. 

_Where The Soccer?, Belong..

On The Net, Or My Mission.

..I’m Sorry If The Other Drops, Can Listen.

The Story Bout That. One Girl.

-I Can Never Hold Back. 

…Go. “

I been stuck w/ dementia but.. 

Jesus Saves X SKAeM

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