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The City On The Hill

Tim Burton

From collecting a near extended grail of music from cassette tapes to vinyl records down to CD’s.. Tim Burton has a encyclopedic amount of fan favorite MC’s and legendary rappers covering a vast amount of Hip Hop and eventually ongoing to gather magazines and books within the realms of this genre. You can nearly see the influence these rappers have been heard of making within a positive impact or perspective on the music that has been taking on groundbreaking issues with knowledge and wisdom while approaching certain times of life there’s always a specific album that can help you get where you need to be or motivate you and even teach you new things as well as introducing you to the rappers as individuals from storytelling to works that can be considered art that have a meaningful and long lasting view point.

Collecting and digging to find a album basically has been found to have a art of its own and a factor of equal identity in Hip Hop based on musicians like J Dilla and Madlib or even DJ Premier and Lord Finesse.

Who is your favorite MC and why?
That is a very hard question but I would have to go with Nas. From the first time hearing him on Live At The BBQ, I felt like he had something special. His verse on Back To The Grill and his solo track Halftime confirmed how I felt and then Illmatic exceeded all my expectations. Nas has one of those voices that is beyond pleasing to the ears. His perspective about growing up in Queens was unique and his word play felt like the second coming of Rakim. He was able to adjust to the times and even though not every song was perfect he never fell off and continued to make great Hip Hop. Over the last couple years, he has released 4 top notch albums in his late 40’s. His longevity has solidified him one of the best and my favorite emcee.

Top 10 albums you own?
Nas – Illmatic

Mobb Deep – The Infamous

LPG – Earthworm

Public Enemy – It Takes A Nation of Millions To Hold Us Back

Wu Tang Clan – Enter The Wu Tang (36 Chambers)

EPMD – Business Never Personal

A Tribe Called Quest – Midnight Marauders

Tunnel Rats – Tunnel Vision

De La Soul – De Las Soul Is Dead

Souls of Mischief – 93 Til Infinity

Do you recommend any specific project

LPG – Earthworm – This album was released in 1995 from a west coast underground crew that not many people heard but is some of the best lyricism I have ever heard.

Dred Scott – Breakin Combs – this 1994 album was released on Tuff Break records and was released in what I would consider the strongest year for Hip Hop releases. It wasn’t the biggest release that year but spent so much time in my Walkman. It was a complete album that was fun and serious, and the production had the bead bobbing from start to finish.

Smif N Wessun – Dah Shinnin – The Boot Camp Click released a string of 4 albums that solidified their place as a movement. The Smif N Wessun project that came out in 1995 took me by surprise and I listed to the tape so much it broke. The production was a continuation form the Black Moon album but the back and forth rhyming took it to the next level.

Surreal and The Sound Providers – True Indeed – In 2006 The Sound Providers teamed up with Surreal to produce one of the greatest jazzy Hip Hop albums ever. The combination of his voice with their perfectly placed jazz samples is a match made in heaven. Once this CD starts, you can’t turn it off.

Shad – TSOL – In 2010 Shad released his 3rd album that continued his growth as an artist. This album has heartfelt tracks like Keep Shining, introspective songs like Rose Garden and lyrical gymnastics on Yaa I Get It. The inspirational song We, Myself and I is one of my favorite songs of al time. Can’t recommend this album enough.

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