Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill

Pray For Hip Hop

The idea of dissing a rapper usually comes from altercations, run-ins & in the inaudible fashion of SKAeM’s case of the battle rap background, and overall song making skills the industry was once willing to do a far sided business for what you now consider modern day “Hip Hop” and “Mainstream Rap.” From The J Cole “Dollar & A Dream” reference combining the 50 Cent & Jay Z beef.. to the “allegations” of Kendrick Lamar needing a familiar ghostwriter implying some of Eminem’s Beef.. ..When Nas & 2PAC clash is also used in the lyric “Thug Life To God’s Son” The statement is given with awareness of more references.. I’m speaking to my child that is yet to be born..  telling him to continue my message if it doesn’t impact the world before I’m deceased. I mainly take shots at Nas for competition.. but this song is also called How To Rob A Ghostwriter.. The truth needs to be carefully said.. ..throughout this song, …I’m just reminding you who needs who when it comes down to music.. and deep down within your heart and mind you can feel the truth. It’s inconsequential to Hip Hop for them to play the actor / celebrity role.. ..they can keep the pretentious look, I just want answers to my prayers.. Just like everyone else, but seems like the clarification will be your demise along with the fall of mankind.. it seems. 

RIP Guru

RIP Proof 

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