Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill

The actuality of a MC to find himself in sudden grief to implicate his actions and encounter himself with for nearly unpredictable tendencies across the driven globe of fans pondering.. with a topic at hand can precisely meet the criteria of preventing more celebrities leading a finer example regarding a positive aim on a temporary misconception on the need for firearms.

Gun Club By SKAeM

An extensive search for widely known yet rare products and merchandise from music demos to magazines. A collective source to bring a highly detailed piece of art within historical culture and pioneering the hip hop, film and video game aspects..

Excavating into emotional and likely controversial topics such as the values of superstars that once could be considered legends taking a sudden toll. Assassinating someone’s character through a barrage of verbal and intentions of making sure the apparent victim surely becomes blackballed from entertainment and nearly society to say the least. I’ve first heard of rappers being left without a single dollar.. eventually buying them time to think about the desire of materialistic objects centering the value to true intentions behind the skill, talent and purpose of arts, music and entertainment at times.. these people usually give their soul to god and dedicate their life with a newly envisioned passion which always goes great for them.

Don Juan, Peewee Herman & Snoop Dogg
Martha Stewart, Khloe Kardashian & Kris Jenner

Pray For E.S.G

E.S.G has to be a known Houston rapper from the days of D.J Screw to the years that followed into a whirlwind frenzy that he has inspired and impacted such as myself to onwards the songs

he has been sampled on infamously by other rappers who pay homage and are heavily influenced by the south and the chopped and screwed sound from even the likes of O.G Ron C & DJ Micheal “5000” Watts to more notable acts such as The Slab Allstarz, The Chopstars and of course DJ Purpberrry, DJ Drankeinstein, DJ Drobitussin, & SpaveGhost Purrp.. various musicians have been depicting the music as a type a renounced variation

with origins of DJ Screw’s innovation and his ability to make masterpieces with his own techniques and abilities.

Rest In Peace Pimp C
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