Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill

Manifesto By SKAeM

..myself believing in higher educated evaluations of the perspective of a artist in actuality the creativity of the masterpieces has expanded and enhanced the criteria of the musical empires throughout a potent amount of dissection of each and every instrumentation while vocals give you another resurgence of mindfulness aspects of imagination, wonders within a apparent daydreaming like state. within abilities and the capacity to comprehend the vast clarity reaching endless altitudes of realistic marksmanship within the underground.

Does a global economic revolution..

..make sense far as digital technology,

..Rewatching your memories through a screen has played a bigger part in my delusion while amidst of schizophrenia with seemingly questionable things that have yet to be asked or answered.

A memoir with severe dementia is everlasting without the exclusion of the mental relics that a human can’t compute at often times find themselves at ease with the normality of the path life has created throughout legendary and even interpretations of iconic art, music and other forms or these implications.

Several chances of research of schizophrenia via elemental state of inner consciousness at times unlocking answers

with a captivity of a dialogue within hollow matrix is this case answer is not you that can possibly be seeking but rather eventually throughout time and learned by experience of other realms of the mind. Escaping reality in a essence of enlightenment with a realism of spirituality to the hyperrealism art that can be found in paintings of Salvador Dali

Salvador Dali & Frida Kahlo

Nikolai Tesla was said to be bypassed and technically ransacked for his notes, blueprints and even intervening with this subject may be deemed as not the right way of thinking as objectively stated a technological or computerized system to be in a composition as a heavy machinery is up to par as in the other disrespects to names that have been opening disclosure due to controversies and while still closing and leaving unsolved mysteries and questioning our own reality..

possibly the face or presumably legends, icons and or stars.
All In By SKAeM
Flaw Of Illusion
So Sick
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