Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill

Indoctrination Of The Schizophrenic

Music becomes more and more of an escape route rather than easily finding a meaning or channeling throughout the words popularized in set trends to become a actual star has been made from pioneering sounds, locating what has set a mood by ambient realms of psychological atmosphere to just immortalize the complexity of a given moment within time. An aspect of clever musical sensitivity while as the dark frequencies allude throughout the choice of drums creating a bleak and blank canvas into originality. An esoteric album deriving from the “pop” sound within a tape to compile a class of velocities in such nature of a course of darkness.. in any given case the term “Dark Pop” relates to SKAeM’s own label Aquarium Music alongside his Underground R&B sounds fixates the sub genres of LoFi – Bedroom / Dream Pop, Shoegaze & Indie as well amongst the gritty and other hardcore ensembles of Phonk, Rap, Boom Bap made possible by Underground styles. 

Aquarium EP

To follow up on Dark Pop I’ve created Dark Pop Part II in order to fulfill the overall sound simultaneously ongoing to the rhythm of darkness within cold weather bringing the goddess envisioned via the R&B positives in wordplay and mass use of lyricism with the focus indicating the “delusion” of the passing times and memories. 

Dark Pop Part II
Dark Pop 2
Wicked By SKAeM
Salvage Thy Fate
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