Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill

Warm Nites (Prod. By SKAeM) [Visual By GaijinisntPsychical]
DreamWorld Written & Produced By SKAeM

Edit & Animation By  GaijinIsntPhysical ​

GaijinIsntPhysical [VideoGraphy]

Just to equate the value within capturing a moment in time within a piece of technology and making in a sense visual art upwards to full length films and music videos.. seems like a task to be limited by a standard camera or so on so forth.. I’ve been editing footage but this videographer and photographer is truly artist of the craft when capturing a photo into an art piece along the whirlwind or spur of the moment.. the focus and angles have been a certain point within the basic vision to comprehend.. this video producer has accomplished his take on photography into the craftsmanship and originality that makes him separate from everyone else. 

Gaijinisntphysical: Yah there def a science behind the visual art. Rule of thirds, colors , etc. It’s second nature now I don’t think about it I just do

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