Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*

The City On The Hill

I’ve collected all of DJ Paul’s Volumes Volume 10, 11, 12 & 12 Part 2, 14, 15 & 16.. 

It was difficult for me to take that step forward into finally considering realistically starting my cassette tape collection alongside my vinyl record collection. I have yet to decide which artist or albums I want to gather and search for aside of the potential and Memphis style acts such as Lil Glock & S.O.G, Skinny Pimp, Tommy Wright III, Gangsta Pat, & any tape with production from Blackout, DJ Squeeky, DJ Sound, DJ Zirk & even SMK. Some other rap groups such as Heltah Sketah I think, Gravediggaz, & Tha Outsidaz maybe.. of course Manson Family with member Lil Jack whom I’ve recently have been reaching out to for a potential interview for this magazine’s website. I have also have two other updates for interviews of musicians of the underground and indie scene. 

Originoo Gunn Clappaz, CunninLynguists and Chicago hip-hop group Typical Cats with Company Flow all have a unique sounding style within the lyricisms and wordplay near schemes with every member standing out from one another meanwhile, standing out from other groups and seemingly all-star teams like D12, and basically distinctive subgroups type occasions or duo and trios for a project or series. Raekwon and Ghostface have great chemistry of having and utilizing each of the abilities equipped over cleverly produced beats while maintaining the wisdom of rap in any particular story being told.

Lord Infamous – Times Of Terror [Visual*]

Introduction To Schizophrenic God

My general obligation is the people who deserve more into the retrospection of the “schizophrenic” side of myself, beforehand I will explain more of myself to regain stability within notes that can embark into the point of this all.. any discussion is welcomed with topics that are often said to be currently controversial or often the conversation is often shut down rather being picked up due to the repercussion and potential consequences. Often faced with a rather less public dispute I tend to often find myself holding my inner thoughts for a greatly appreciated interpretation of arts, current wisdom and at times historical gratitude in todays agenda to be forsaken within the confines of my brain. There has been various interpretation of history and religious such as the conversation of that of a delusional state of mindset since of which can hold less of a predominant role depending on how the tongue and mind work in a literal sense in this case of which medications can be a sedative, in some cases have been used for suppression and may take on other forms with visible side effects.

Bomb The System

This indie film is based on a graffiti writer capturing what a average graffiti artists might go through.. running into problems such as the vandal squad, relationship issues and other sorts of drama that may influence the writers Blest and Buk50 along with his younger brother’s daily habits like partying and art. Blest also links with female street artist at one point clinging onto the graffiti aspects.. there’s even a graffiti beef scene where Buk50’s piece gets dissed. The great storyline ties all together with a great ending leaving the audience in awe and nearly has you piecing together what happens next as you flashback to the whole film and go through what happens. I use to own this film and watch it several times in middle school when I was into graffiti at the time it kind of shifted how I viewed others opinion as I wasn’t sure if the graffiti artist was ever understood, well received and if a street artist ever had a decent perception viewed towards them.. the plot-twist was something that stuck to me and of course the ending. Here’s a trailer and a Japanese poster.

Bomb The System (Trailer)

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