Schizophrenic God

..Written In Intricate Fashion.*


Life Is A Scam

Schizophrenic God Television
Shoegaze Rap Sigils
Television Skit
Audiobook (Cassette Mix)
Nullified Fan
God Is (Prod. By SKAeM)
Axl Rotten V.S Ian Rotten: “Taipei Death Match” (ECW 1995)
Enter The Sandman
Make Sense: The Musical
Fucked In The Head Skit (Feat. FKA SKAM)
Dead Interlude
Dead Interlude (Slowed)
Dope Game (Feat. Schizophrenic God)
Art (Feat. Schizophrenic God)
Undone Strings (Feat. FKA SKAM)
4422 (Slowed)
We Cry Together
Hard Times (Feat. Schizophrenic God)
Battle Rap Showcase “Bars”
Interlude 777
Laughing To The Bank Interlude
Heartbreaker Interlude
Schizophrenic God Podcast – Raw Audio –
Free Fallin
Cactus Jack Infinite
Count Me Out

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