Schizophrenic God: The Video Game

I been keeping in touch with a few #indiegamestudios and one has been working as a team to create #characterrigging #animation and some possible #characterfinalized..this is the character’s shape of goopmassta and not the finalized version. Some items are included with the rigging animation..

3D Character Shape By GaijinIsntPhysical

Character Sketch By SKAeM

Early Screenshots of a 3D Concept Environment

3D Level Screenshots


First Concept Preview.. this stage/level is mainly for testing..
Space Aquarium based concept for testing..
Graffit Art By SKAeM / 3D Design By GaijinIsntPhysical | Room Level Walk-In..
Graffiti Mop

This is a graffiti character for the video game I been developing based on graffiti and aspects of art.. I phenomenal masterpiece I been focused on as Iearn with online classes for game developing. Updating on here and a possible chance that I will be putting out news on my Instagram & Twitter. This character belongs to graffiti legend and creator of the greatest ink and has pioneered the way of art within graffiti more with recent collaborations with infamous clothing brands.

main updates on my website with concept art and a greater idea of the development of the game..