Expressing one’s mind like graffiti.. adding value towards your everyday life in coined drafts of originality (concept). Schizophrenic God’s: Radio continuum ..emission is the broadband radiation emitted in the radio part of the spectrum by celestial objects. Expect Vandals & Artists, Underground & Indie Musicians as well as pioneers and brilliant minds.. Discussions and topic that take years to grasp through conversations.. sudden awareness & in-depth learning.. “..original takes…” and commercial breakz and skits.

this is a thanks to whoever will end up streaming my music off this podcast, or other platforms. i prolly released this episode on soundcloud as well btw. I released a slowed and chopped tape available everywhere soon! #skaem #aquariummusic #gems
  1. Gems
  2. Nuke Lips Vol. 1
  3. Earthworm Jim 3D (Schizophrenic God Remix)
  4. Cactus Jack ECW Promos
  5. Lost Podcast (Episode 3/4)

This podcast is broken down into Seasons with SKAeM creating a new and original style of podcasting.. with a new experience building multiple styles within each season

Season 1 consists of raw audio and rough cuts / drafts of music I made from years ago

Season 2 is rough drafts of me flowing over instrumentals.

Season 3 has more of a sounds experience with multiple cutscenes from rare films, shows and even commercials

Season 4 is all about professional wrestling focusing on the microphone skills when they cut promos against their opponent.

Season 5 will have more of a uplifting and higher goal set with celebrities, musicians and artists speaking on issues across the globe.

Season 6 is mainly for battle rap audio

Season 7 is a recent “lost” season with mixes, unreleased songs and beats

Aquarium Music*