The City On The Hill

Junt Blues – KONSensefresh has been a greatly figure within his own sound whilst it is impossible to catch up with something rather unimaginable and not yet invented.. the sounds and music are on point with a persistent tone throughout nearly telling a story and deriving from the conscience and art, music & overall – the sound of KONSensefresh. His set up is that of the best and contains most vital tools and necessities such as technics for rather the extensive sound collection of vinyl – of course he has brought to my attention that he seems like a avid collector of tapes.. very knowledgeable and wisdom fueling, chakra eye opening.. An astral balance in the whirlwind of mute activity claimed as literal peace and tranquillity for meditative forms.. Many shares of art, music and styles has been made to properly foretell a musical piece into fine comprehension via a moment captured in time – Regardless of what you understand, this artists / musician is a very talented artist with his own style.. Important, innovative & original + unique The course of this 46 minutes and 44 seconds will have a valuable spot in the areas of comprehensive works.


Listen to SLIDERS – LAZLOW X NGK999 [FULLTAPE] by NGK999 on #SoundCloud



Weed Forestin’ (full version)


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