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Memphis Rap

Clouds XIII

This tape collector has a wide range of memphis underground tapes just being original with the entire and seemingly complete collection, with a incredible to a near mint condition while scaling the truth.. these tapes are very hard to find and rare if you find one online at times. Having Tommy Wright III and Gangsta Pat in his collection really sets a balance of a having tapes from Lil Fly. MC Mack, Frayser Click & Tinnie Mane. The tapes are straight from Memphis and mainly focusing on Underground Memphis Rap.. the styles / genre that has been continuously showing why it has lasted a test of time with seemingly effortlessly creating the great music that is still being heard, sampled and also been influencing in ways as a major role in music.


Soren has been collecting and even remastering tapes with various Memphis Rap music and underground classics from legends musicians. He has recently been selling tapes and uploading to his YouTube channel. He has even put out instrumentals version of classic records from a variety of underground artist. SorenP even has a song with Al Kapone.. just check out his Instagram and YouTube for more intriguing details, tapes and songs.

3 – 6 Killa Shot

This is an intriguing yet a very solid way to perceive legendary music and the one of the greatest way to pay proper homage and even tribute to Underground Music. Memphis Rap has found it’s way across the globe and with 3-6 Killa Shot creating the most incredible mixes and has to be one of the greatest way to introduce anyone into this style of music mainly focusing Memphis Underground and the likewise musicians and even producers influenced by this genre. The cassette tapes they have showcased are incredible quality and look flawless to nearly make the cassettes look literary like art that belong in a museum as well. They look like they took time and effort on these cassette tapes and regardless if they are for sale or not this has been very appealing to the eyes and should be a collectors choice to consider the perfect way to listen to this kind of music that will live forever for future generations of musicians and listeners of all types.


This label has been releasing cassette tapes from legendary and underground artists such as SpaceGhostPurrp, Graveyard Productions and Womack Da Omen along with the esteemed producers within the ever growing genre Phonk such as DJ Sacred, DJ Bishop and Apoc Krysis. The wide range of selection on BandCamp can be exclusively released with a limited amount of tapes being produced straight from the Midwest specifically Chicago, IL. The vast amount of music being reissued and released with a impeccable quality of sound and design of each cassette duplicated is definitely letting a long lasting experience and continuing the legacy and positive impact from musicians across the world furthering a properly and positive influence on collectors, artists of all sorts. The highest level of admiration through music covering quality and rare amounts of tapes being sold out makes it more often a treasured piece of history and nearly impossible to turn away from various cassette tapes. TapeHouseUSA has been dropping iconic albums from the most influential artists within the Underground and Memphis Rap scene. The praise has been made with a aspect of recognition while still maintaining the sorts of nostalgia realm of the 1990’s and keeping the tapehead community on a upscale. Meanwhile, it’s keeping the physical form of musical projects above and beyond the liveliness of our current times and even future generations of artists and labels.

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