My general obligation is the people who deserve more into the retrospection of the “schizophrenic” side of myself, beforehand I will explain more of myself to regain stability within notes that can embark into the point of this all.. any discussion is welcomed with topics that are often said to be currently controversial or often the conversation is often shut down rather being picked up due to the repercussion and potential consequences. Often faced with a rather less public dispute I tend to often find myself holding my inner thoughts for a greatly appreciated interpretation of arts, current wisdom and at times historical gratitude in todays agenda to be forsaken within the confines of my brain. There has been various interpretation of history and religious such as the conversation of that of a delusional state of mindset since of which can hold less of a predominant role depending on how the tongue and mind work in a literal sense in this case of which medications can be a sedative, in some cases have been used for suppression and may take on other forms with visible side effects.

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