Japheth Machicote

Japheth Machicote has diligently crafted his designs on shirts to create a eye-opening experience. Which shirts such as WAR! along with HELL & BACK creating a rather distinct style and moment within the life of a streetwear and fashion designer to show official clarity of the decisions you make rather the direction you can stylize these with on any occasion. The capacity of ones mind … Continue reading Japheth Machicote


WhenSmokeClears is a brand that has been creatively putting jewelry pieces out on a constant basis within a fashion industry using pearls, radiant hearts and crosses in a truly mesmerizing form of style. WSC has even taken a successful approach at creating jeans and releases of stuffed bears and sample shoes. This brand has celebrities supporting its substantial collection from highly talented rappers Lil Yatchy … Continue reading Whensmokeclears