Handmade hoodies, pants, and shorts to create a perfect clothing piece that is an incredible work of art. Artwork brought in a designer look in its stitching itself and the print on each piece inside and out can have a gallery like appeal to the eye. Take A look at the Marilyn Manson and Tupac hoodies as well the angels and Jesus Christ custom releases … Continue reading noname1of1


PLAGUEROUND has been consistent with its 1 of 1 pieces combining what looks like an airbrush technique using greatly established characters from Cow & Chicken, Rocko’s Modern Life and even classic horror films. The custom brand has a certain style of combing cultural references with the uniqueness of the artist’s choice of customization. Incredible depth in each piece giving a hazy or clean look to … Continue reading PLAUGEROUND


..Creating clothing with a style that combines customization and streetwear nearly showing the roots of an original high end pieces that look carefully created as a custom product. With rare pieces like these that he has been putting his own take on cartoon charcters making every iconic bit more astoundingly capable to wear in any form. This looks like a carefully created clothing brand rather … Continue reading Libreisfree


Amsterdam based clothing brand creating fashion in limited 1 of 1 pieces. One Triple Nine One has been uniquely using deconstruction among pants and the use of the spray paint on the cotton. The 19991 ‘GAT’ piece is a work of art that was airbrushed on, painted with white acrylic paint on a German Army Trainer.. these sneakers gives out a distress look the more … Continue reading 19991


Purgatory isn’t necessary heaven or hell.. It has expanded it’s original theme with this brand in a modern day take on the religious belief. The choice in a fashion sense will particularly keep revolving around the option to menuvour styles and collide with many possibilities of unique designs while creating innovative work of arts with masterpieces. The Trefoil logo shirt and Moswald mock neck are … Continue reading Purgatory

Find Sleep

These clothing pieces are rare with a run of limited quantities in a creation of newly custom designs with flawless work of arts, included within tie dying the completed selection of the shirts carries a artistic poem that speaks for itself in continuous form. This brand has a unique approach within its style while donating to protect earths rainforest with 10% required from each purchase … Continue reading Find Sleep

Hyper Beam Ultra

Hyper Beam Ultra is without a doubt a brand that has created numerous 1 of 1 customs that contain rare and vintage clothing of familiar films, shows, and video games creating a nostalgic feeling to each and every piece.. this brand is trendsetting with that type of euphoric fashion yet still brings a whole catalog of rarity with the customized shirts, sweatshirts and even hats … Continue reading Hyper Beam Ultra


WhenSmokeClears is a brand that has been creatively putting jewelry pieces out on a constant basis within a fashion industry using pearls, radiant hearts and crosses in a truly mesmerizing form of style. WSC has even taken a successful approach at creating jeans and releases of stuffed bears and sample shoes. This brand has celebrities supporting its substantial collection from highly talented rappers Lil Yatchy … Continue reading Whensmokeclears


YM has created clothing pieces that belong in museums giving it a modern day feel with collaborations with National Geographic.. this designer is making historic pieces with unique patterns, materials and collaborations among the cut and sew style direction coming up with his own creativity skillfully regarding his own work of art while his custom clothing pieces that fall into his brand YKM contain jackets … Continue reading YKM


Ornaked has been creating unique and wonderful pieces with embroidery and screen printing becoming an interesting and eye catching brand with particular stitched pieces and even apparel made with sand. The visuals seem to bring out a higher and newly defined way of releasing the clothing as they assemble together each piece in a careful manner, bringing you a collection worth investing the time to … Continue reading Ornaked

No Diploma

SKAeM grasped as the center of attention and is reaching high standards with No Diploma.. this up and coming brand is fulfilling it’s potential at all cost with astonishing style complimented by the greatness in the photography of the amazing fashion brand. The clothing itself speaks in high volumes with originality as it releases unique clothing by semester with the concept of school in mind. … Continue reading No Diploma