sikadelixx has been creating well made t-shirts, hoodies and even ski masks.. what sets this a part from various designers is the mix between nearly nostalgic and aesthetic combinations with a choice of style making it it’s own designs a popular method of bringing in the audience to it’s page. The shirts and hoodies are vivid and can look very entertaining to the eye.. as it catches a narrative on top of the pantone and light color choices. They been celebrating there 3 year anniversary and been doing giveaways on the brands clothing line. People can admire the work they really put out as it can be a must have to some and a great work of art within the designs to others. Bringing joy and nearly a great mind opening experience within the art they bring to the streetwear culture. This brand is spot on with the choice of barrel simplicity to advance designs to the colorful shirts they have among the clothing line. Check out the Instagram and website of this dope clothing brand with the links below!