YM has created clothing pieces that belong in museums giving it a modern day feel with collaborations with National Geographic.. this designer is making historic pieces with unique patterns, materials and collaborations among the cut and sew style direction coming up with his own creativity skillfully regarding his own work of art while his custom clothing pieces that fall into his brand YKM contain jackets and jeans made out of waxed canvas, a Mercedes-Benz raincoat, and utility cross bags that can be rather eye catching as his collaborators. Solidifying as the stylistic brand can define how potential originators in the upcoming years will approach high end fashion with this kind of balance of nearly the groundbreaking consistency filled with collections that are able to impact the true essentials of each season giving without a doubt the foreground of intelligence within his style approach of redefining the complete nature of utilizing fabrics and materials with bespoke patterns and a great ideal look ahead of its time.